Interactive Carpet

    Client: Trade Facilitation Center And Craft Museum, Varanasi
    Roles and Responsibilites:
  • • Ideation
  • • Complete Application Development
  • • Project Management
  • • On-Site Execution

Trade Facilitation Center And Craft Museum is a museum in Varanasi that highlights all the arts and crafts of the city. The city of Varanasi has a rich history of carpet weaving and we were requested to come up with an idea for an interactive installation to showcase them.

After much brainstorming, we concluded that the biggest benefit of a technology based installation would be that we can digitally show hundreds of patterns to users whereas the museum can only physically display a limited number of carpets.

So we proposed an interactive floor-projected carpet installation that allows user to view actual photographed carpets. To browse through them, a user can roll the current one by walking over it to reveal the next underneath it. To entice unaware museum visitors to interact, the carpet curves at the edge nearest to the person depending on their distance.

This was achieved using ceiling mounted projectors connected to Mac Mini which are tracking every movement occurring below them using webcams. To separate the projection from people, infra-red bandpass filters were placed on webcams and IR lights of matching frequency were strategically placed all across the room.

Besides the interactive carpet installation, 15 MultiTouch kiosks were placed throughout the museum to display information about each section such as musical instruments, sarees, handicrafts, textile etc. The complete app development for them was done by me with content updation done by other team members.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the museum and tried out our interactive carpets installation and MultiTouch applications as seen in video.