Split Flap

    Roles and Responsibilites:
  • • Complete Application Development
  • • Electronics

This is a demo of a split flap we created for an airport installation with 500 split-flaps but got scrapped due to budget constraints. This is also the first project I worked on in Digital Jalebi. The design was done by a colleague of mine while I handled the programming and electronics part.

The split-flap used a stepper motor to turn a central cylinder containing flaps through gears. An IR line sensor detected the current flap visible. As there were going to be 500 of these, they were controlled using RS-485 and could be daisy chained using a LAN cable. I designed and hand-fabricated a PCB implementing stepepr control, positional sensing and communication.

Using serial commands from a PC, I could tell the split-flap to go from the currently visible flap to any flap I desire, and to flip at any desired speed. As visible in video, a colleague would speak a flap number and I would flip to that exact flap at different speeds.