Living Lightly

    Event: Living Lightly, Ahmedabad
    Roles and Responsibilites:
  • • Interaction Design
  • • Electronics
  • • On-Site Execution
  • • Projection Mapping

Living Lightly is an exhibition that captures the life and livelihood of Indian pastoralists. It aims to foster a better understanding of their remarkable history of mobility, the ecosystems that nurture their life-world, their science, the economics of herding, and their culture.
This is the second time Digital Jalebi designed and developed content for the exhibition, the first time being a multi-touch quiz.

We projected all the pastoral routes over a printed map of India. Initially, 12 hotspots marked each route which the user can touch to explore. Once selected, it showed the complete route and cattle type herded on it along with the main locations it goes through. Then a slideshow of their images with textual content showed on the left side panel.

The complete application was developed by a colleague. My role was looking after the electronics and interfacing it with the application. As this was a vinyl print stuck on plywood, we could not place pressure sensors inbetween the two as that would create bumps in the vinyl. So I used capacitive sensor to sense the finger touch through 6mm of plywood for 12 hotspots using an Arduino. This worked extremely well and worked without a hitch.