Jabong VR Store

    Client: Jabong
    Event: Lakme Fashion Week 2015 Spring
    Roles and Responsibilites:
  • • Ideation
  • • Application Development
  • • On-Site Execution

Lakme Fashion week is the biggest fashion show in India. Jabong is a fashion and lifestyle e-commerce portal and was the major sponsor for Lakme Fashion Week. They wanted to amaze the visitors with the massive range of fashion brands and products available at their platform. So we proposed creating 3 different virtual stores for users to look around and traverse in VR.

At the time of this project(Feb 2015), Virtual Reality technology was in its nascent stages. Google had released its Cardboard a few months back and hadn't yet reached Indian markets, let alone events. We found promise in this technology to fill the users with awe and wonder in looking at virtual stores and went ahead with it.

Jabong sports 3 different categories of fashion products: Street Style(daily wear), Designer Wear and International Brands. So we based 3 completely different virtual worlds around them. Users could move in the direction of gaze at a slow pace(to prevent sickness) and voice overs would introduce the brand they were currently looking at.

For Street Style, a straight shopping street was created with shops from Jabong's brands on either sides. It presented the feel of a local shopping street, as is common in most cities.
For Designer World, inside of a high-end mall/shopping store was chosen with designated areas for all the major designers that Jabong carried on their website.
For International Brands, a posh shopping block was created. User could walk around the block and view the shops hosting brands on their one side and the city separated by a road on the other.

I created the International Brands world and the World Selection scene while the other 2 scenes were made by my colleagues. I brought all the scenes together, added interactivity, voice overs and movement controls.