Jabong Ramp Walk

    Client: Jabong
    Event: Lakme Fashion Week 2014 and 2015
    Roles and Responsibilites:
  • • Ideation
  • • Interaction Design
  • • Complete Application Development
  • • On-Site Execution

Lakme Fashion week is the biggest fashion show in India. Jabong is a fashion and lifestyle e-commerce portal and was the major sponsor for Lakme Fashion Week. They required an engaging photo booth for the event. Since it was a fashion event, we proposed an automated augmented reality photo-booth which places the user on the ramp and take a picture which can be shared on social media.

Using actual fashion show footage, my colleague created cutout frame sequence of crowd. Using that, we could control the crowd size and position independently of other elements. For the 2014 event, we used a webcam to capture the video. A physical ramp was placed in front of the webcam and projected screen for the user to walk.

If no one is on the ramp, a brand video would play. As soon as users stepped onto the far end of the ramp, they would see themselves only within a dark overlay. As soon as they reached the middle, the darkness would clear to reveal the crowd. As they reached the end of the ramp, they were provided a photo opportunity. The image was transferred wirelessly to a tablet for social media sharing.

For detecting the user position, multiple ultrasonic sensors were used along the sides of the ramp. 4 speakers were placed at the sides along the length with different sound effects of music, crowd noise, laughter and camera flashes to simulate spatial sound effects originating from different locations. 4 flash modules were also placed along with the speakers to simulate camera flashes visible on the screen. The ramp had addressable LED strips running along the sides and would react with user position on ramp to give visual cue for user to walk forward on ramp.

All this was implemented on a custom Arduino shield I designed and hand-fabricated. RJ-45 was used for connecting to flash and ultrasonic modules. It also has 1 input and 2 output 3.5mm jacks for spatial audio.

We had tremendous participation at the event and Jabong commissioned it for next year's Lakme Fashion Week as well.

Using a webcam has the drawback that users leaning too much towards the sides would be clipped and overlayed by the augmented content. We improved upon it the next year by using a Kinect camera to get the user depth as well and always have it on top of augmented content. Kinect allowed us to remove the ultrasonic sensors as user position on ramp could be tracked accurately by Kinect's skeleton data.