Event: NZ Tech Week, Stream India, Palm Expo
    Roles and Responsibilites:
  • • Ideation
  • • Complete Application Development

Stream India is a tech event and for presenting in it, I had a week to create a few demo applications. Within the deadline, I created a Hololens app with multiple demos which can be switched using voice commands.

These demos were showcased at NZ Tech Week by our partner organization Jix. They were experienced and appreciated by Prof Mark Billinghurst, Founder HIT Lab, New Zealand.

One of the demo is a holographic A-Capella in which you can select different musical instruments to tune them in or out from a single song by selecting them. These instruments can be placed independently around the room as well.

Another demo is of a holographic car than can be exploded into its separate parts by selection or joined back. It can also be scaled up or down using voice commands.

2 other demos are holographic home appliances and furniture placement apps.They allow us to pick up and place objects in the real world to view how they would look or whether they would fit in available space before purchasing.