Doritos Walk The Plank

    Client: Doritos, Hindustan Times, Dabangg
    Event: Multiple
    Roles and Responsibilites:
  • • Ideation
  • • Interaction Design
  • • Complete Application Development

Doritos, a world famous chips brand, associate themselves with boldness. To promote their brand, we decided to make a virtual reality vertigo challenge.

User has to wear a VR headset and stand on end of a physical plank which is slightly unstable. In VR, they see themselves standing atop a high-rise building with a plank hanging out above the drop. At the end of the plank, a Doritos packet is visible which is in reality a VR controller. The aim is for the user to walk across the shaky plank to retrieve the Doritos packet back.

It was a big hit and we had people screaming at the top of their lungs in fear. The installation was also visited by Indra Nooyi, CEO of PepsiCo.

The project concept was replicated for several other clients such as for Hindustan Times' EmTech event and Dabangg movie promotion.