Custom 360 Rig

    Client: BMGF, PepsiCo, NIIT
    Roles and Responsibilites:
  • • 3D Design
  • • Assembly
  • • 360 Video Shoot
  • • 360 Video Stitching

We purchased 6 Xiaoyi action cameras for shooting 360 videos. To mount the cameras in proper location, a 360 rig for Xiaoyi cameras was purchased and imported from Germany which ended up being very costly. During a shoot, the rig fell and broke into pieces. Some tape got us through the rest of the shoot but we needed another rig. We thought of 3D printing a rig by ourselves. While 3D models of GoPro rigs are available in plentiful, there are no 3D models for the Xiaoyi cameras. So I decided to design one myself.

We were getting it 3D printed from a vendor and were unsure of their quality. So the rig was printed in multiple pieces as 360 videos requires accurate camera placement and warping in a combined print could cause misalignment. Since each piece will be printed flat against the print bed, it will be guaranteed flat and accurate. Also, the print could be done without supports or overhangs.

Our previous rig would press fit the cameras into the rig but that made removing cameras a difficult task with the risk of cameras falling out. It also heavily scratched the camera's body. So I used the tripod mount holes in the camera's body for easy and quick mounting.

The rig was then assembled using epoxy glue and some clamps. It uses a few extra pieces to break out standard GoPro mount to provide the 2 most common camera orientations: boxed and diamond orientation. So commonly available GoPro accessories could be used to mount the rig to tripods or surfaces.

I've recently assembled a DIY 3D printer kit and am trying to print the rig as a single unit. This will skip the messy and time-consuming step of gluing the parts together.

The rig proved to be a success and we shot Bill Gates' discussion on his trip to India for his philanthropic organization Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation(BMGF).Currently we are travelling to multiple Indian rural villages to document BMGF's upliftment programs in 360 video.

We also shot for PepsiCo to document their Kolkata chips plant in 360 and their supply chain in Chennai, both of which I personally handled. Another 360 video we shot was of the IT campus of NIIT.