Be A Soldier

    Client: Shaurya Smarak Museum, Bhopal
    Roles and Responsibilites:
  • • Ideation
  • • Interaction Design
  • • Complete Application Development
  • • 3D Modelling and Rigging
  • • On-Site Execution

Shaurya Smarak is a museum dedicated to Indian soldiers, inaugurated by PM Narendra Modi. The museum wanted an interactive installation to engage the visitors and we proposed and augmented reality clothing experience to put the user in a soldier's uniform.

Using a Kinect sensor, we detect whenever a user steps on to a hotspot area to augment a soldier's uniform on the user. Along with the uniform, a gun is also augmented in the user's hand which can be fired by closing the fist. After a few seconds of experience, the user is provided a countdown and clicked. Then a print of image is available to collect.