Cap'n ArrDrownHo! is the lovechild of Ardweeny and Boarduino and he's here to commandeer your AVR ships. ArrDrownHo! inherits pros of both and cons of neither. Pick up an AVR chip and start prototyping instantly on a breadboard! Want to replace that costly Arduino in your project with a cheap AVR, but don't know how? Use the simple plug-and-play ArrDrownHo! piggybacked onto the AVR to act as interface for programming and provide power.

I made this when I wanted a simpler way to work with AVRs instead of having to each time wire up breadboard for power regulation, timing crystal and ICSP or SPI programming header connections. Boards like Boarduino and RBBB used plated through holes which I couldn't make at home. Ardweeny required soldering pins to AVR's legs and provided very few features. So I combined the two and took the best of both worlds..

The PCB was designed in Eagle with an underlying theme of Sea Pirates. Don't ask me why, just felt like a fooling around a bit. The parts are stuck together as close as possible and while violating a lot of PCB design rules to achieve as much of a tight fit as possible with through-hole components and home-fabrication in mind. This allows us to keep many rows free on the breadboard for connecting peripherals.

The PCB was fabricated at home using toner transfer method and then soldered. This almost a complete Arduino, without on-board serial communication and of course, without any Atmel IC. Its benefit lies in quick setup of a bare-bones ATmega on a breadboard and taking very less space, most of which is already being taken by the microcontrolIer IC.

  • • On-board power regulator: Accepts 7-18V to power your AVR safely
  • • Serial communication pins: To connect USB-to-serial boards for communication with PC and uploading Arduino sketches
  • • 6-pin ICSP: To upload code or burn bootloader using a programmer
  • • On-board 16MHz crystal/resonator: For precise timing. Both crystal and resonator are comptible with board.
  • • Selectable power source: Choose power from 5V regulator, FTDI board or AVR programmer
  • • Breadboard and perfboard/veroboard compatible
  • • Tiny 1.6cmX4cm (0.65"X1.6") package: Takes only 1 extra row on a breadboard.
  • • Home fabrication friendly: No plated through holes!!!
  • • Power indicator LED